the rocks collection


Enjoy exclusive previews and expert

style advice in your own home

A curated collection of beautiful jewellery and accessories, featuring hand-sourced freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones

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How it works…

- Invite a few friends round (I will bring the bubbly!)

- Experience an exclusive preview of the latest pieces, featuring exquisite pearls I’ve hand-sourced from around the world

- Learn from an expert how to style and care for your jewellery and scarves

- If anyone chooses to buy a piece, earn 20 per cent of the total sales in products (as well as other goodies)


Showcase the beautiful rocks collection in a relaxed and sociable setting with family and friends.

Contemporary and classic designs that pair perfectly with any style. Hosting a jewellery and accessories party is a superb way to view and enjoy the rocks collection, with absolutely no obligation to buy.